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And that's when it hit me, the best idea i've had in my entire life

That’s the worst idea you’ve had in your entire life…

Ok but seriously, if we’re looking for an easily replicable and low effort side hustle that appeals to the masses, what better way to do so than a board game or card game? Sure you wont be wildly successful, but if we’re being honest, the skills set and creativity is there right? Want to make a plastic play piece? 3D model it and then print it! Want to make some cute card games? Draw it! Need inspiration? Take a stroll to your nearest board game cafe!

An Ambivert's Analysis Paralysis

In a surprising turn of events…

Turns out my ambiverts are more introverted than my introverts. Who would have thought that a group with 7 people would have somewhat more activity than a group with 17. I wonder whether socially, people are having the bystander effect such that they wait for someone else to answer the question for them. Or perhaps, they are indecisive thus defaulting to ambiverts because they can fall to either side without admitting who they are. Not a bad thing to hedge your bets. Even as the group leader, I too voted that I am an ambivert. Life is rarely black and white and with such neither are people’s personality and various attributes.

Friendships and other mullings

Good things come in threes

The debacle of an introvert

My Dear Ambiverts, I don’t believe you