An Ambivert's Analysis Paralysis

In a surprising turn of events…

Turns out my ambiverts are more introverted than my introverts. Who would have thought that a group with 7 people would have somewhat more activity than a group with 17. I wonder whether socially, people are having the bystander effect such that they wait for someone else to answer the question for them. Or perhaps, they are indecisive thus defaulting to ambiverts because they can fall to either side without admitting who they are. Not a bad thing to hedge your bets. Even as the group leader, I too voted that I am an ambivert. Life is rarely black and white and with such neither are people’s personality and various attributes.

I think one of the problems I’ve recently faced is that I’m overly reductive as a way to showcase humor, but there’s always nuances for each individual. One person’s introversion may be another’s extroversion. As I continue to have these smaller group discussions in the attempt to foster more activity and conversation, I will try to evaluate and change my approach. But one thing is for certain, when we don’t have conversation in a large chat and break off into side chats, (similar to the concept of breakout rooms) it may help people feel less intimidated in speaking out. The analogy of this is like speaking in a wide open space, sometimes it’s intimidating to poke your head out when it’s the same three people talking, but with enough time, maybe more meaningful conversation and friendships can be had.