The debacle of an introvert

My Dear Ambiverts, I don’t believe you

I recently put out a poll to the public asking people to vote on what they think they are. The options were: extrovert, ambivert, introvert, and “i dont know”. I expected a healthy split between extrovert and introvert, and then maybe a few outlier here and there in the ambivert category and one of two “i dont know”s because there always exist people who don’t really know themseleves or select it as a joke. So please tell me why in a sample size of 25 people, we only had 2 extroverts, 7 introverts, and 16 ambiverts?

The numbers are so very skewed to ambiverts it feels intentional as people who are either: 1.) extroverts not trying to expose themselves as the social butterflies that they are 2.) introverts tho pretend to be extroverts to put themselves out there to make friends.

It feels like they’re hedging their bets for such a simple question. But I guess it does make sense, the group consists of many tech and consulting folks. Both industries require a lot of communication and human interaction. But it’s still such an interesting disparity because even though I identify as an introvert, I also tell people I’m an ambivert to rid myself of the negative connotation associated with being an introvert: someone who is often seen as withdrawn, quiet, softspoken, and a homebody. I think this is a good space for the “FIBI : for introverts by introverts” idea where just because someone is an introvert, they still may desire and definitely deserve genuine and long lasting friendships.