Friendships and other mullings

Good things come in threes

I think the concept of friendship is funny. I’ve never been a part of a “large” groups. So if you told me I must interact with 15+ people at once in a room, I will literally cry. What I’ve noticed though are that my friendships naturally gravitated to a state of groups of threes. Like a three-legged stool or triangles, these trios always lasted longer than any of the larger groups I was a part of. And the conversation never really dies out because there’s less of a chance that both or all three of the people are busy at the same time always. Someone’s bound to be free even for a few minutes. It makes keeping certain friendships alive more easy because your behavior is held accountable, the things you talk about have an audience. Of course private messages are normally the best way to disclose sensitive information or secrets, but in the general maintenance of a friendship, I’ve found it easier to share things in groups of three.

So running with that, is it better to call a group of three a trio, tripod, or triad?