And that's when it hit me, the best idea i've had in my entire life

That’s the worst idea you’ve had in your entire life…

Ok but seriously, if we’re looking for an easily replicable and low effort side hustle that appeals to the masses, what better way to do so than a board game or card game? Sure you wont be wildly successful, but if we’re being honest, the skills set and creativity is there right? Want to make a plastic play piece? 3D model it and then print it! Want to make some cute card games? Draw it! Need inspiration? Take a stroll to your nearest board game cafe!

So I recently saw a game called “Trash Panda”, and I was a little sad to see this because raccoons are my spirit animal. They’re so very intelligent and chaotic and nocturnal. But that’s ok, there are more animals on the list that I can relate to. I told one of my friends that one day I want to go around new your city throwing little ducks at people, and make all the duck puns in the world. Maybe I can do this now, with “What the duck” or “Duck Duck Go”.

“Duck duck go” is to throw miniature ducks at people until they get annoyed… just kidding, I have yet to think that far. But I also like a game that mimics snakes and ladders. Essentially everyone gets a rubber ducky one the first square. Everyone rolls a dice, largest number goes first. Whoever gets 3 first, wins the game.

“What the duck”, would probably be a game where people compete to have the funniest misspelling or miscommunication to alter the meaning of the story or sentence. Everyone begins by writing a coherent sentence on a piece of paper (how they choose a sentence can be up for debate, we’ll figure that out later). As the game progresses, characters and letters are eliminated from the sentence. If all letter are gone, then you drop out of the game. A “win” consists of the most coherent sentence, the person who guesses correctly gets one point, the creator of the sentence gets two point. The setup is a a deck of 39 cards, one card for each letter in the alphabet, and then a card for spaces, a card for commas, a card for periods, and a card for each of the numbers. We can make this challenging by putting an extra set of vowels in the deck to eliminate meaningful characters. The cards are shuffled and then laid out across the board. The board has 26 squares around the perimeter where you can go around with your pieces, but there are punishment and safehaven squares mixed in. When you land on a space, you need to cross out all the letters in your sentence that is that letter. When you cross the finish line, you can pick up a card from the deck to “replenish your letters” if that card corresponds to any letters you previously crossed out on, but if you don’t use it, you can boobytrap the safehaven squares with the card should you land on it, this incentivizes people to finish the game quicker. if you can’t get rid of the cards at the end of the game, you need to cross out the characters on your own sentence. There are sudden death cards where the user must drop out of the game, and revival cards, where the sentence is restored to its original. By the end of the third circle, the game ends.

It’s not very coherent, but this is me trying. I’ll try it out and see whether there’s a better way to play this fake game I just made up.